The challenge was to create a new design using the existing bottle of Carlsberg Export, positioned as an international super premium beer.

Package Design.

The hands-on session during the  European Pan Brand Design Association congress (EPDA) in Stockholm clocked off after about one hour, and Smith’s design won against around forty prominent international brand designers. The trend is to drink straight out of the bottle, and the hand covers the label. Smith thererfore created a ‘new’ communication area/tool using a round label with the capital C of the Carlsberg brand stuck to the bottom of the bottle, so that its seen when one drinks. Iconically simple.

The Pentaward / EPDA certificate proudly hangs in the studio, and we’ll update on follow ups.


SmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Lav AnimationSmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Lav Animation
SmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Bottom Label DropsSmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Bottom Label Drops
SmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg closeupSmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg closeup
SmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Bottom Label DrinkingSmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Bottom Label Drinking
SmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Branded Bottom TiltedSmithBrandDesign.com Carlsberg Branded Bottom Tilted