Design the brand and packaging for a rich wine that indulges the palate, captures the senses and warms the heart with its powerful and sensual character and express it’s Sicilan heritage, and its link to hedonism.

Brand Design, Packaging.

Hedonis is a true interpretation of the sicilian pursuit of pleasure, inherited from the ancient Greeks and now refined in Sicily by the great winery Feudo Arancio. The pared-down design is offset by the sumptuous illustration in the style of Sicilian vessels from the Magna Grecia period that depicts a Dionysus banquet, where Ariadne crowns Dionysos with a laurel wreath. Dionysus is the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, and of course loved a party...

We are overjoyed to have been granted the honour of receiving the silver award at the Vinitaly International Packaging Competition for our design.


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