Éleva knew that making a superior product wasn’t enough; they needed fresh thinking for a fresh brand expression. Working across creative strategy, naming, graphic and structural packaging design, we created the promising future of the challenger iced tea.

Positioning, naming, brand design, packaging, illustrations, production consultancy.

We used design to project a challenger spirit that would disrupt, create irresistible desire and explode their sales potential. The no-nonsense brand and the new iconic bottle design captures the need for a brand that conveys just what it is: Probably the world’s best iced tea, with none of the unnecessary frills.

Honest, cool, iconic. Éleva is progressingly establishing itself as a true badge brand of the new health conscious.


SmithBrandDesign.com Éleva bottle designSmithBrandDesign.com Éleva bottle design
SmithBrandDesign.com Éleva bottleSmithBrandDesign.com Éleva bottle
SmithBrandDesign.com Éleva bottle close-upSmithBrandDesign.com Éleva bottle close-up
SmithBrandDesign.com Éleva illustrationsSmithBrandDesign.com Éleva illustrations
SmithBrandDesign.com Éleva brand sketchSmithBrandDesign.com Éleva brand sketch
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