Redefine the brand mark and create a seductive and unique package for two Prosecco wines.

Creative strategy, brand redefinition, package design.

La Pria has been able to carve out a vey special niche, where no others have dared to go. La Pria is sexy ! Heritage, quality and other premium factors are underlined with custom calligraphy and richly embossed labels with hot foil gold, but it’s in the absence of clutter, and satin black and gold finishes where the design stands out as seductive and a tiny bit kinky.

The products have been met with much critical acclaim, and it’s in well selected new markets that it has its greatest successes.


SmithBrandDesign.com La Pria Label Close UpSmithBrandDesign.com La Pria Label Close Up
SmithBrandDesign.com La Pria BottlesSmithBrandDesign.com La Pria Bottles
SmithBrandDesign.com La Pria Labels Close Up WetSmithBrandDesign.com La Pria Labels Close Up Wet
SmithBrandDesign.com La Pria CapSmithBrandDesign.com La Pria Cap
SmithBrandDesign.com La Pria closeup labelSmithBrandDesign.com La Pria closeup label
SmithBrandDesign.com La Pria closeupSmithBrandDesign.com La Pria closeup
SmithBrandDesign.com La Pria icedSmithBrandDesign.com La Pria iced