Give the unseen a name, a look, a feel. With a click on an app, your garments are picked up, laundered, ironed and delivered when and where you chose. We gave it that cordial and warm sense you’d expect from your local laundy service.

Creative strategy, brand identity, naming, packaging design.

‘Neat’ meaning immaculate, and ‘Neato’ expressing apprecciation, the name clearly coveys what the brand stands for. The amiable hand drawn logo is faintly reminiscent of the times when dressing neatly was a badge of honour, and the ocean blue brand color conveys that fresh feel of freshly laundered clothes.

Crisp and speckless, super-fast and good-natured laundry service at the tip of your finger, so we can do things that really matter to us for more happy days.


SmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo brand inkedSmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo brand inked
SmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo business cardSmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo business card
SmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo compliments cardSmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo compliments card
SmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo business card close upSmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo business card close up
SmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo tote bag hang tagSmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo tote bag hang tag
SmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo officeSmithBrandDesign.com Neatoo office