Reposition Pian del Bichi as an easy to drink, refreshing wine from a great region. 

Creative strategy, brand architecture, brand identity, packaging design.

The white wines that are made in Central Italy are not flashy nor famous, but they can certainly be delicious, and the truly great reds are in abundance. In a market segment where over promising is comme-il-faut, expressed through heraldic symbols and labels laden with gold, a wine that clearly states just what it is, stands out. A maritime pine, hills, the sea and nothing more. Just like a pair of jeans can’t be marketed as a tailor made suit, this wine couldn’t ask for a more premium look.

With fair product position and the right look in place, the Pian del Bichi wines wines have carved out an interesting market as a good, sensitively priced product that holds its promise, staying clear of unjust allusions.


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