To accommodate for new consumer behaviour, the winery wanted elegance with an attitude. Vyper is targeted solely to carefully selected night clubs and bars to maintain it’s exclusivity. 

Brand design, packaging, production consultancy.

Fresh and bubbly, Vyper is a sparkling wine that is fashionable and little bit rock’n’roll. The calligraphic ornamental background is offset with a pared down brand mark, and an unusual anglo-saxon name. The satin finishes, relief punches and fine embossings convey the silky smooth nature of the bubbly and makes for a great companion for a good night out.

It’s best drunk well chilled, straight out of the bottle.

SmithBrandDesign.com Vyper AmbientedSmithBrandDesign.com Vyper Ambiented
SmithBrandDesign.com Vyper LabelSmithBrandDesign.com Vyper Label
SmithBrandDesign.com Vyper LineupSmithBrandDesign.com Vyper Lineup
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