Meticulous complete global revamp of the legendary Henri Chenot’s brand to reassert its position as the world’s optimum and iconic luxury brand in health, wellness and beauty.

Creative strategy, brand architecture, brand identity.

The new identity design embodies Chent’s promise to provide clients with the uttermost exclusive spaces and superlative cures and services, devoted as much to health and wellness as to beauty. The symbol mark was redrawn and reformatted, and a custom designed logotype gives it status and clarity as a true icon in synergy with the brand and its promise.

A true luxury brand, fueled by insight of health optimization, that is Chenot. Segmentation and brand architecture, whilst asserting an harmonious brand experience was paramount. The aesthetic works across the complete experience to communicate unparalleled dedication to perfection, and is in progressive expansion internationally, touching all areas where Henri Chenot and his family is active.


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