Design a new perfume collection and home fragrances.

Creative strategy, brand redefinition, package design, print design.

Pineider is the stationer of choice for the European bourgeoisie and royals offering writing instruments, leather goods and fine accessories. The luggage tag may be personalized for a bespoke feel and draws the link with writing instruments and luggage. The metal cap is covered in the best italian leather, and is hand stitched. The crystal cylinders with the redefined brand symbol are enclosed in precious wooden tubes, which is how scent samples used to be shipped for safekeeping around when the brand was born.

In 1774 Francesco Pineider opened his first shop in Florence, Italy, producing exclusive hand-engraved personalized paper, hand-worked by local artisans. At present Pineider has flagship stores and about 120 retailers in Italy and distributes its luxury goods to the best stores worldwide.


SmithBrandDesign.com Pineider Package PrimarySmithBrandDesign.com Pineider Package Primary
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