Tibiis is a Swiss company that operates in the physical trade of steel and steel related products on an international scale, and needed a look that expressed their unique go-get attitude.

Creative strategy, brand identity, print & digital design.

What makes Tibiis stand out from other companies operating in the same field, is the youthful verve that they employ and their ambition not to monkey their old competitors. Whilst serious and competent, the simplicity in which the hugely complex services are delivered needed a voice. We gave them that unique voice.

With a brand that stands out, and very few and clear messages, Tibiis has been able to cement it’s position, and further expand into new markets with a look of fierce determination.


SmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Brand Wall Brushed MetalSmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Brand Wall Brushed Metal
SmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Brochure Close UpSmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Brochure Close Up
SmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis BrochureSmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Brochure
SmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Corporate IdentitySmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Corporate Identity
SmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Digital SmartphoneSmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Digital Smartphone
SmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis DigitalSmithBrandDesign.com Tibiis Digital