To create a premium line of ice creams for the italian market.

Brand strategy, brand design, packaging design, B2C communications.

A brand holding device, vaguely reminiscent of doily paper with fine typography and ribbons, positions the products in the world of pastry and hand crafted gelato. Luxurious digital imagery was created to create consistency across the range of over forty products to celebrate the indulgent flavor combinations and premium ingredients.


SmithBrandDesign.com Seletti PackageSmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Package
SmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Brand Mark ChocolateSmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Brand Mark Chocolate
SmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Package AllSmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Package All
SmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Brand MarkSmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Brand Mark
SmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Packaging CreamSmithBrandDesign.com Seletti Packaging Cream